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Resources for Physical Education and Recreational Program Volleyball Coaches

It is never too early to start teaching volleyball-- Cascade Volleyball Club would like to provide some helpful tips and resources for starting out! 

Basic Volleyball Keys Overview: Our Terminology and Methods

Passing Setting
  • Wrists and hands together
  • Keep arms straight and your swing simple (no scooping motions)
  • Face the ball, angle your arms to pass to a target
  • Ball shaped hands, arms up early
  • Hands above forehead
  • Extend your arms (straight like Superman!)
  • Face the ball, square body to target
Serving Hitting
  • Stand at a 45 degree angle from the net
  • Toss the ball, step, and hit
  • Bow and arrow arm swing
  • Four step approach: 
    • Right, left, right, left (reverse for left hand)
    • Small àbigger steps
    • Slow àfaster steps
  • Arms: down, back, and up
  • Bow and arrow arm swing

Fun Warm-Up Games

Freeze Tag:
One (or a few!) player(s) are “it” and must tag everyone else to them freeze with their legs apart. In order to un-freeze them, players must dive through their legs! This gets players more comfortable with diving towards the ground, and gets them moving.

Clean Your Room:
Divide up the players equally onto either side of the court and place half of the volleyballs on each side. Give the players a few minutes to try and throw or hit all of the balls away from their side—at the end of the time, the side with the fewest number of balls on it wins! This game can get very competitive, fun, and tiring!

Popular Beginner Volleyball Drills

·      Self-Passing: Have each player try and pass the ball to themselves as many times in a row as possible. Give them a set amount of time, and once the time is up have them announce how many they got! Then go another round or two so they can try to beat their records.

·      Relay Race: Divide the players into 2-4 teams in lines on the sideline of the court. The first player in each line must pass the ball to themselves while moving down the court and back; once they are back, it switches to the next player, and so on! The first team to have all of their players go down and back wins!

·      Progressive Serving: Have everyone serve from the 10 ft. line on the court, and once they make a serve, they may take a step back! Lay candy or prizes on the ground for targets to add some extra fun.

·      Tic-Tac-Toe Volleyball: Divide up the players into two teams (X vs. O), and switch off tossing the ball to either side. Players play a mini-game to 3 points, and the first team to get 3 points gets to mark on a whiteboard or paper their tic-tac-toe mark. Continue playing until one team wins the tic-tac-toe game! Make sure to give teams a time limit on how long they can spend deliberating on where to place their mark.

·      Dead Fish: Players are divided up onto either side of the net. They keep serving from their side until they miss one. Once a player misses a serve they must go under the net and lay down/sit down on the other side as a “dead fish”.  In order to be saved, they must touch a ball that is served by one of their teammates. The first team that turns into dead fish completely loses!


Other Resources:

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