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Paid Family & Medical Leave Information

Click on the Links Below to Review:


Paid Family & Medical Leave


Cascade Volleyball Sick Leave Policy

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Click on the links below to review

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Hour Reporting

Hours are tracked the following ways:


1) Full Time Club Team Coaches - your hours are downloaded from the Calendar - you do not need to do anything unless you are absent

2) Full Time Club Team Coaches - Absences - log your expected days missed (as early as possible in case we need to find a sub) use 2020 CLUB COACH ABSENCE REQUEST

3) Part Time Club Team Assistant Coaches - (Steve, Gene, Alexis) - Use 2020 HOURLY CLUB REPORTING

4) Clinic Coaches or Sub Coaches (if you sub for a Club Team irregularly) - Use 2020 HOURLY COACH REPORTING FORM


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Post Bulletins and Email Team

Go to the Cascade Website and Log in

1. Go to each team page: Team Pages>Choose a Team

2. On the blue heading bar with the team name, select the “Options” drop-down menu

3. Select “+Add Bulletin” or just select the GREEN plus button at the top of a bulletin.

6. Set the publish date for today

7. Set the expiration date for the day after the tournament is over

8. Enter in a title

9. Enter Bulletin Info

10. Make sure current Season is Selected

11. Select Team

12. If you want an email to be sent  - select "broadcast message" and it will be sent to everyone on the roster.

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Print Tryout Lists
  1. Select Sign In upper right of webpage
  2. Enter your email - if you don't remember password, use forgot password feature
  3. Scroll to MEMBERS>Registration System
  4. Select your tryout list
  5. Select Download
  6. Under Choose Report - select Coaches Info List or Coaches Contact List (I recommend you download both)
  7. Scroll to bottom and select Download Report


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To Print Power League Rosters
1) Log in to Webpoint 
2) Select Member Profile
3) Team Rosters Tab
4) Click on red Team Roster Button
5) Right click on the window and "print".

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Coaches page & roster on Cascade website

Cascade Coaches: We have created a separate COACHES Team Page and Roster.   Please check it out!  We will add important info as the season gets started.

Currently there is informatino on how to post Bulletins to your team pages, print rosters, log hours or absences, etc.

To get to this NON-PUBLIC page:

  • Go to www.cascadevolleyball.net.
  • Click Log-in in the upper right hand corner.
  • Enter your registered email address and password. (See note below about passwords.)
  • Click on Team Pages at the top.
  • Make sure the following are selected: 
    Season: 2018-2019   Type: Tournament Teams   Team: COACHES
    You will NOT see the COACHES team listed unless you are logged in.
  • This page works like your Team pages:
    to see other coach contact info, click on Roster
    to send a message to one or more Coaches or Admin on the list just click the envelope or email the team 
    still in development
  • IMPORTANT: Please go to Edit My Account and review your privacy settings: 
    Public: Accessible to anyone viewing the site
    Roster: Only accessible to your players/parents (on your team page) and to other coaches (on Coaches 2012-13 page) and Admin
    Private: Only accessible to you and Admin

NOTE: If you can't remember your password, Click on Edit My Account in the left-navigation bar, enter your email address and leave the password section BLANK. The system will email you your password. As a last resort, email us at and ask us to re-set your password and email the new password to you.

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