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PLEASE READ: Cascade Update for Club Team Members
by posted 09/15/2020

Hello Cascade Family, (you will receive an additional message tomorrow with similar information but it will be going out to everyone on our mailing list).

Our passion has always been to offer as many volleyball opportunities as possible for the youth in our club and communities. While we remain committed to our goals, the reality of what we can offer this season has been altered due to COVID-19 restrictions.

Cascade Volleyball Club currently is offering clinics in the limited gym space that we have available. As you are probably aware, we do not have any public or private school gym space currently. We have not received any indication that we will be allowed to use Shoreline Christian’s facility this season. However, we remain optimistic as we are first on their list once they can rent their space. North Seattle Church has been willing to rent their gym to us, which we are thankful for! We are currently offering one-hour skills clinics three nights a week for the month of September. We are trying to reach as many players as possible since Phase 2 only allows for 5 players per court. We will continue to offer clinics after September based on our assessment of community interest and available gym space.  We understand the frustration with how we launched the September clinics and recognize our mistakes. All future notification periods will provide at least 24 hours’ notice before registration opens. 

Given the lack of gym space and current COVID-19 restrictions preventing more than 5 players per court, we are unable to offer club teams this season. While the Puget Sound Region is preparing for a club season, we understand that it is very optimistic that there will actually be one. Most likely, clubs that do carry teams will have to travel out of state to compete. Several clubs that operate out of their own gym are planning to move forward as if they are going to have a club season.  We are making this announcement now so that past club members have time to consider their options.  We encourage those players that really want to compete and who may be interested in traveling frequently, to contact other clubs.  If gym space availability and COVID restrictions improve, we will reconsider our ability to hold a club season, but we do not want to prevent any players from joining other club teams if they so choose. 

Thus, our plans for this coming year and season are to offer what clinics we can with the limited space that we have. We will continue to assess community interest as we design our clinics to best meet the needs of the community. When additional gym space becomes available, we will seek to offer some clinics to our club teams from last season so they can workout together. Please keep in mind that under current restrictions, any clinic we hold will be limited to ONLY 5 spots. Of course, we also are actively monitoring gym space and COVID restrictions for any changes that would allow us to hold a club season or increase training opportunities.   

These are challenging and uncertain times for all of us. We appreciate your patience,understanding, and loyalty. We all look forward to a time when we can play volleyball safely and responsibly together.

Cascade Volleyball Club of Seattle

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